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Senseless Crimes in America

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Shooter remains at large
How many times have we seen this statement? is there a wonder, when will this end? Our young children are being killed at an alarming rate all over the streets of america. Every large city is going through this and the parents are suffering after trying to do a great job raising their children. Who is there to fault?  Is violence the answer? Our communities needs your help!


Police Identify Oxon Hill Shooting Victim

Police in Prince George's County have identified the man who was shot and killed Christmas Day in Oxon Hill. Maryland 

Police found 23-year-old Quintin Tyrone Perry Jr. of Southeast suffering from gunshot wounds at the intersection of Southview Drive and Southview Court in Oxon Hill, Maryland. Perry was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
No arrests have been made at this time. Investigators are still attempting to establish a motive.

On Sunday December 25, 2011 this is what shocked me; my son was gunned down in the streets of Maryland. Who ever thought that their child would be a victim of a senseless crime? There are sayings that my son was being rob for a coat that was brought for him the night before. But then again, there was talk that he had gotten into a fight and the assailant pulled out a gun after he began losing the battle and shot him, then ran off. As a small family, we have been shattered and mourning since, All we want to know is - why? Who would do something like this? Everyone has their problems, but no one deserves to die. My son left behind a young daughter and a loving baby mother, who now has to try to struggle alone with not only the child she has by him, but also the one that she had that they both were struggling to raise.

How many young men has this happened to? And I suppose that the one who is doing the shooting never think that the same could happen to him, or one of his/her family members. The sad part about it is that he.she probably wasn't even raised like that. Nine times out of ten, the shooter or killer comes from a good home, and have been raised by great parents or grandparents. So why am I writing this blog? I am trying to get help from communities to send donations to help build better places for our children. I would like to make it possible for the parents who do not have insurance be able to bury their child. If you continue to read on you will see what I mean.

I know that I am not the only grieving parent out here, there are thousands of us trying to get answers. We can not blame the police as most people do, things just happens in life and we do not understand them at times, and there are nothing that we can do about it. I am sure that we all have our would've, should've and could've in situations, but that is not the answer. The problem a lot of us grieving parents have is that we do not expect for this to happen to us, and a lot of times we do not have insurance on our kids once they meet a certain age, sometimes even when they are very young This is a problem that a lot of us face. I had to face it, and it was devastating. Although our son was gunned down in the streets of  Maryland,  there are programs that will only pay for the funeral. The plot and all the details belongs to us- the grieving parents.  I am writing this blog not only for my family, but for all the families that are going through a similar crisis if not the same.

Just recently there was the case of  Mr. Travon Martin, you remember the guy who was shot by the community security guard George Zimmerman, that was another sad case. Although the case is ongoing,
it is just another example of our young men dying in the streets. We as a whole has to do something about this. And as much as people are blaming us as parents, that is not always the case. A lot of us as parents raise our kids with a firm hand, some are even raised as Christians and turn their backs on their learning what is right. I am out to try to help parents like me be able to bury their young ones when something like this exists. Take up donations to help with programs that can help our young ones stay off the street corners, selling drugs and the more. Be able to help parents with no insurance.

Therefore, it is hopeful that all who get a chance to read this blog donate something to the cost. These family are asking that the communities will help as much as they can. As we are seeing so much violence in the streets of America.There are a lot of young fathers being killed out there, and sometimes it has nothing to do with what they have been doing, where they have been, who they are hanging out with or even who they know. And when it falls on the parents who do not have any insurance it makes it hard on the grieving parents,  needless to say funeral expenses that we can not afford. My son still had to lie in a cold freezer in the morgue as we tried to find a way to bury him, and that took a while, as i said earlier, the State offered to pay for the funeral, but we has to come up with all the other expenses, which we didn't have. Finally we buried him, but could not yet afford a tomb stone. So he lays in the ground and no where to show where he is, just a marker. He was a young man, who was a wonderful son and father, no one should have their lives taken for such foolishness.

There are many cases like this one out there, and if you or someone that you know has been through this then you know the tragedy that comes with the pain that the assailant has cause your family, and the worries of not being able to bury your love one. And if you are an assailant and just happen to read this blog, STOP! and think: What if this were you or your family member. because it is said: 'you live by the sword, you die by the sword."

Please take your time and donate, if not to this cause, to some cause. " it is better to give than to receive"

Save the Children
What a senseless way to go
"Gone but not Forgotten"
You will be missed.

Quintin T Perry Sr.
In memory of a loving son.